The MOD2 Software for Double & Roll, Over-The-Counter, and Fabric Shops:
Our state-of-the-art software packages are designed to help Textile companies in the Double & Roll and Over-The-Counter trade. With over 18 years of continuous development guided by close relationships with our customers, MOD2 is the complete solution for your business.
What can you do with MOD2?
- track and manage your inventory on a roll by roll basis
- barcode rolls going in and out of your warehouse
- send confirmations of orders automatically
- accurate cost of an item. accurate costing per order
- images of the fabric on swatch card of when you look up inventory
- create stickers and swatch cards for fabric headers and samples
- scissoring a roll, splitting aroll
- manage stock, open-to-sell, and future open-to-sell
- track what orders are pending for a customer/for a supplier
- email/fax your customer/salesperson upon shipment of orders

Comprehensive Inventory Management
- manage inventory using barcode guns
- batch multiple orders for easy shipment
- auto UPC generation
- tag and pack orders in the warehouse
- create orders live in a trade show
- easily move rolls using quick move
- create double and roll stickers for boards
- easily train warehouse/show personels
- web commerce
- consistent, professional forms built-in like invoice, proforma invoice, commercial invoice, picking sheet, sales order, and purchase contract that follow industry standards
- customizable to meet specific company needs
- support for labels, stickers, bar-codes, etc.
- optional advertisement logos/legal notes on forms.
The MOD2 software provides you with consistent, professional forms like invoices, proforma invoices, commercial invoices, picking sheets, sales orders, purchase contracts, and a lot more forms that follow industry standards.
Check out the sample forms and stickers that we have in the MOD2 software.






Download Brochure - MOD2 Double & Roll Package [PDF]